A film crew goes to Hollywood’s Bronson Canyon within Griffith Park to shoot a horror
film. As the sun sets, the park’s attendant and a lone park ranger, shutting the park gates
and locking the film crew inside till morning, close the park. When human blood is
accidentally spilled inside the famed Bronson/bat cave, a terrifying, giant bat creature that
has been lying dormant deep beneath the earth, for over a hundred years, is resurrected
with an unquenchable thirst for blood and an insatiable hunger for human flesh!

As the story goes, “the Union rock company which created the famed quarry and cave
mysteriously shut down its Bronson park quarry operation, back in the early 1920s,
abandoning the cave. To this date, no one really knows why the quarry shut down. The
quarry and cave later became a location for hundreds of TV and movie shoots, including
the famous Batman TV show of the 1960s.

This film shoot though, will be different from the rest when once famous b-movie
director, GEORGE R. BOSCOPOLIS, must take charge, by out smarting the creature,
which displays uncanny intelligence, unite his cast and crew and lead them to safety. In
an effort to make their way back to their motor home, which was accidentally locked with
the keys inside, they make several attempts at outwitting the terrifying creature with
devastating results. In the midst of their horrifying situation some of them bravely
sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the others, while some of their group begin to
reveal their darker sides. As some of the cast and crew begin to turn on each other,
fighting for the safest positions within the tiny circle of light, the creature begins picking
them off one by one.